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How much time do your employees waste social networking?

In a recent survey the average person admitted to spending 6 hours per week surfing the web at work.

Of people surveyed 87% use Facebook to socialize whilst in the office with 73% of people admitted to online shopping instead of working.

Searching for videos on YouTube came in fifth at 63%.  Finally 56% of office workers spend time playing online bingo and entering cash prize competitions.

So, how much is external web traffic slowing your business network and key applications down?

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites along with personal email and web browsing can greatly impair the speed of your network, external hosted applications, remote users and email servers as well as exposing your network to potential threats from malware.

Blocking external sites is an option, but how do you know which ones to block and should you restrict all external access to staff?

KS can now offer a highly cost effective solution that delivers the ability to;

  • Provide reporting and event logs to help monitor individual web browsing activity
  • Set time and user based policies (e.g. allow shopping during lunch and outside business hours)
  • Protect the network from malware on the web
  • Block time-wasting sites like Facebook
  • Conserve bandwidth by blocking audio/video downloads
  • Pass, Block, and Logging options for all categories, such as gambling, webmail, shopping, and pornography

Find out how we can measure, manage and regulate your business Web Traffic

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