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Workplace Recovery

When considering a Business Continuity Plan a company should first consider the cost of not having one in place.

How would an unscheduled interruption affect your business?

There are many unforeseen events that could render your business helpless:

  • fire of flood
  • damage to building
  • power or communications fail
  • virus attack or IT hardware failure
  • theft or malicious damage
  • restriction of access

Attempting to restart your business after such a disruption can, in some cases, take weeks, if not months. The impact from this generally results in one or more of the following situations:

  • staff sent home (on full pay)
  • loss of communications with clients and suppliers
  • inability to trade
  • potential loss of clients
  • unrecoverable damage to business

For your business to survive a serious disruption it is essential to re-establish the business-critical functions as quickly and effectively as possible.

Business Continuity – The benefits

  • Protect sensitive data including emails, client records and confidential correspondence.
  • Respond quickly to downtime and return to normal operations with a minimal effect on client service.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and standards, industry good practice and data protection and retention requirements.
  • Safeguard Service Level Agreements, reputation and customer confidence.
  • Stimulate new business opportunities with companies who require Business Continuity from suppliers.

Business Continuity Management

Did you Know?

  • 20% of all companies will suffer fire, theft, flood or storm damage, power failure, terrorism or hardware / software disaster. Of those without a Business Continuity Management Plan (BCMP);
    43% will never re-open
    80% fail within 13 months
    53% never recoup the losses incurred by a disaster
    [source: Aveco]
  • 90% of businesses that lose data as a result of a disaster are forced to shut down within three years of the disaster.
  • Less than 50% of all businesses have a BCMP.
  • 3% of companies that do have a BCMP do not test it annually.
    [Source: London Chamber of Commerce]

"20% of all companies will suffer a major business disruption."

Keeping Your Business In Business

The Solution

The Continuum provides an affordable Business Continuity Service for the SME market. It provides bespoke solutions for your individual requirements and ensures minimal disruption to your business operations.
Facilities available include:

  • full workplace recovery
  • pre-equipped workstations
  • full high speed internet connectivity
  • telephony including DDI & VOIP
  • fax, print & copying facilities
  • secure server rooms
  • dedicated rack space
  • full technical support
  • meeting & conference rooms
  • rest area & kitchen facilities
  • easy access & on-site parking
  • secure storage & warehousing

The Continuum is centrally positioned between Leeds and Manchester on the M62 corridor, ideally located for northern based companies.

For further details please contact: 01274 772244 or email: continuity@ks-services.co.uk

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