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Secure IT Equipment Recycling & Data Destruction

Revive IT Recycling Ltd, based in Leeds offer Computer Recycling & Data Destruction Services Nationwide.

Full documentation is available for your records:

  1. Waste Transfer Note
  2. Hazardous Waste Consignment Note
  3. Data Destruction Certificate
  4. Asset Report

Data Destruction:

Save yourself from the risk of Data Theft when disposing of IT Equipment and take advantage of Revive ITs Secure Data Destruction Service.

It is Revive ITs responsibility to ensure the removal of all Data, Software and configuration info from your system when computer recycling and they guarantee this will be completed in every case. 

Typical Data Baring Devices when computer recycling include: Hard Drives, Floppy Disks, Media Tapes, CDs/DVDs, Mobile Phones, USB Sticks Etc.

Onsite & Offsite Data Destruction – CESG & CCTM Approved


Revive IT staff can:

  1. Come to your site
  2. Remove any data baring devices (e.g. remove all your hard drives from your computers)
  3. Crush all your data baring devices in front of your eyes
  4. Take away all crushed hard drives, tapes etc to be recycled and provide a disposal certificate

Revive IT can crush – Hard Drives, Media Tapes, CDs, Floppy disks etc.

Data Wiping Process:


Any Hard Drives, not crushed onsite, that come through us are given a single overwrite, making any data irrecoverable. If required your Hard Disks can be erased to MOD standards – this however, takes four times as long.

All hard drives smaller than 20GB and any hard drives that are faulty or will not power cannot be erased. In this case they are physically destroyed.

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