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Mobile Phone Voicemail Hacking How to Change your Pin

Voicemail hacking – How to change your PIN:

Below is a guide by UK network operator to protect yourself from any malicious intrusions into your phones message inbox.  Apple being Apple have their own way of doing it regardless of network.  That is on the guide too.


Call 901 from your handset to access your voicemail. Choose option four to access your voicemail settings, and then follow the prompts to choose a new pin. If you don’t have your handset with you, you can phone your mobile number, and then press # to interrupt the greeting and enter the default passcode, which on O2 is 8705. You’ll then be able to choose option four and proceed as though you were on your own phone.


Hold down 1 to access your voicemail. Press 3 for settings and features, then 3 again to set a new passcode. Orange won’t allow you to access your voicemail from another phone until you’ve set a passcode, and won’t let you choose anything too easy such as 2222 or 5678, so you’ll have to think of something else.


Call 121 for voicemail, then 1 for the main menu, 4 for mailbox settings and then 2 for security settings. Vodafone do not have a default passcode but they will automatically send a randomly generated one to your mobile if you try to access your voicemail from another phone.


Dial 123 to access your voicemail. Select option 4 to change your mail settings, then option 2 to manage your login options, then option 1 to change your passcode.


Hold down the 1 key to access your voicemail, select ‘personal options’ from the menu that will be read to you, then select ‘To change mailbox features’ and follow the prompts. You cannot access T-Mobile voicemail from another phone until you have set your own passcode.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile phones do have a default passcode, but it’s only issued to customers with problems. The method for changing it varies by phone. Hold down 1 to access the voicemail, and then follow the instructions.

Tesco Mobile

Call 905 to access your voicemail, then press *. Choose option four, then follow the prompts to change your passcode. You can change it from any phone by dialling your mobile number, then pressing * and entering your current passcode when you hear the welcome message. As Tesco Mobile services are provided by O2, the default passcode is 8705.


Most other handsets access the network’s own voicemail menu system, but the iPhone is a bit more straightforward. Tap on the settings icon, and then choose ‘Phone’ from the list. There is a large button at the bottom of the screen marked ‘Change voicemail password’. Tap on it, enter your new code then re-enter it to make sure it’s correct, tap ‘Done’ and you’re safe.

Of course, choosing 1111, 1234, 5678 or 0000 as your new code will not result in any increase in security at all. Nor will choosing your birthday, or any other publicly available set of digits associated with you. The best thing to do is choose four completely random numbers and take a little time to commit them to memory.

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