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Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

IT is a fundamental to most businesses. However, equally important are:

Unavailability of Key Personnel – any event that causes the organization to have access to less personnel than normally required to perform critical functions and services. For example: pandemic, terrorism, snow storm, etc.
Unavailability of Work Place – any event that makes part or all of the workplace unavailable (floor, building, area) leads you to invoke a relocation plan
Business Impact Analysis

So where do I start protecting my business?

Recovering business critical functions and supporting resources within a defined timeframe needs to be set by a properly conducted Business Impact Analysis (BIA).

Business Impact Analysis

BIAs help to:-

  • Understand key processes and dependencies
  • Create (cost) efficiencies by understanding duplications
  • Discover uninsured risks

The time spent on a BIA will save you money by identifying:-

  • Areas of duplication
  • Single points of weakness
  • Supply chain issues
  • Bad practice

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