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Email is your company’s most business critical communications tool, but the management is often costly, complex and can leave you open to risk.

Retained email and this must be in a secure and tamperproof environment.  Firms also need to ensure that there is no email downtime and email correspondence must be easy to search and retrieve when needed.

Sensitivity surrounding customer records also means you have to protect your business data from leaking – whether intentionally or accidentally your reputation could be ruined if confidential information ends up in the wrong hands.

Would your email management be more effective if you could ensure the following?

  • 100% email uptime, regardless of planned/unplanned downtime and disaster scenarios to keep workers working and to protect your reputation with customers and influencers
  • Your emails need to be archived for the correct periods of time in a secure and tamperproof environment
  • Saving money – volumes of emails with large attachments are increasing your storage capacity and you would benefit from a predictable future storage model
  • ediscovery – contract negotiations often occur over email and you want to be confident that there is an audit trail for all emails in case you ever needed to provide evidence in a court of law
  • Data leak prevention is a concern – whether maliciously or accidentally 65% of data leaks happen via email
  • Brand consistency is important and you want to ensure all messages that leave the organisation adhere to policy and promote your business and services in the correct manner.

Mimecast can do this and more:-

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