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How does hacking affect my business?

There have been a number of high profile hacking and data thefts over the last couple of months.  These include; Sony, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Google and Honda.  But what does this mean to me and my business and could we be hacked and lose business critical systems and data?

The short answer is yes you could!  However, most hacking isn’t specifically targeted in the way that some of the recent high profile cases seem to have been.  It tends to be malicious files or web pages that are spread through the internet to test for vulnerabilities in networks and systems.  If a network is compromised then data can be transmitted externally and systems can be corrupted beyond use.

The good news is that basic security measures (if managed properly) should keep most businesses pretty safe.

They include;

  • A good password policy (that is enforced throughout the business).
  • A properly configured, managed and maintained Firewall.
  • Up to date Antivirus software.

To check or review your IT Security measures contact Paul Kelt here.   Having held a number of senior IT Risk positions at AMEC Plc, Arthur Anderson and Protiviti, Paul is an expert on IT Risk & Security.

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