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Online Planning Tool

Online Business Continuity Planning Tool

Offering an incredibly flexible solution catering for businesses of all sizes.

Our utility delivers:

Template Driven

Allowing decisions and actions configurable for you business. Our online web based capability is designed for businesses to be able to create an effective Continuity Plan by following simple recommended steps.

Tracking Facility

Enabling effective monitoring, testing and improvements. Key decision makers/stakeholders can see which actions/processes are completed, how long was taken and which were not started.

Risk Management

Our risk management option enables businesses to consider the risks and potential mitigations which may prevent a major incident or reduce the impact.

Document Store

The document store allows you to keep key documents and processes in a secure site to access in an emergency. It can include phone lists, technical drawings, invoices, bank details and other vital recovery information.

  • BC-Planning

    Our team can assist with anything from independent due diligence and risk assessment to full business continuity planning.

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  • Testing / Rehearsals

    Rehearsal is an essential way of assessing the effectiveness of a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans.

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  • PR Planning

    Our experienced Public Relations team can help you build and develop a PR plan to assist with the handling of a minor or major business interruption.

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