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On Site Planning

Our team can assist with anything from independent due diligence and risk assessment to full business continuity planning. We can help with areas including:-

Management Workshops

Business continuity will only be successful if it has the backing and support of the senior management team. We can assist in run workshops and presentations to ensure business continuity has the sponsorship and support of the right people.

Business Impact Assessment (BIA)

A Business Impact Assessments is an excellent tool in indentifying critical business processes and functions which will need to be recovered following a business interruption;

BCP Development

We can help you to ensure your business continuity plans meet Regulatory Compliance as well as Best Practice standards such as BS25999. Business Continuity is also a key element in many Supply Chain agreements and standards such Achilles.

  • Online Planning Tool

    Offering an incredibly flexible solution catering for businesses of all sizes.

    Our utility is: Template Driven, Progress Tracking Facility, Risk Management and a Document Store

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  • Testing / Rehearsals

    Rehearsal is an essential way of assessing the effectiveness of a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans.

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  • PR Planning

    Our experienced Public Relations team can help you build and develop a PR plan to assist with the handling of a minor or major business interruption.

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