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Business Continuity Planning Toolset

Knowing what to do when an unforeseen incident stops your business is vital to survival.
By preparing a plan and storing it with key information and contacts away from the office and I.T. system can make a recovery a likelihood rather than possibility.

Content and help
Out intuitive and accessible facility steers the user through a six step process to prepare the information and action plan to enable recovery. The system contains lists of actions, resources, documents and supporting processes to help the user build their plan.

Risk management
Businesses should understand their core activities and the facilities needed to perform them. Once prioritised, they can consider alternative arrangements, preventative actions and risk reduction. The system produces a risk register and action plan of preventative actions.

Keeping up to date
The online system tracks the status of your plans, documents and resources, and sends monthly e-mail reminders to keep the plan up to date, which is vital for success.

Using the toolset, a plan can be built in under 2 hours

Data security
The system is hosted in a state of the art data centre run by www.InTechnology.co.uk used by 30% of the top 250 companies in the UK

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