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Encryption on the rise

Data security and encryption is becoming an increasing necessity as organisations look at the value of data and the potential consequences of data leaks and losses.

Managing Director Paul Kelt predicts the number of organisations in the public and private sector asking KS services to manage and protect their data to increase exponentially in 2015.

‘We’ve seen a big increase in the number of requests for sensitive data reviews. These asses the risk of data loss within an organisation from where we can help put in place effective policies and controls to protect against any damaging and unnecessary data breaches’.

The Information Commissioners Office has the power to fine any organisation up to £500,000.00 for serious data protection breaches. The threat of this as well as industry based sanctions along with the reputational damage means that the increasing amount of data held and processes needs to be adequately protected.

The types of organisation’s that have come to KS Services include schools, solicitors, financial services companies, basically anyone who holds or processes personal data.

As well assessing and highlighting potential risk KS Services deliver a number of products and services that aid effective data protection.

These include;

For more information on sensitive data reviews and protecting your organisational data contact KS Services on 01274 772244

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