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Cryptolocker Malware Threat

This email is from KS-Services.  If you have any doubt to the authenticity of this content please contact us on 01274 772244 or by support@ks-services.co.uk 

Please notify all staff with company IT equipment about this very serious network threat.


There is currently a seriously damaging piece of Malware called Cryptolocker affecting users and systems.

Whilst all anti-virus companies are working on a fix there is currently no resolution at the present time.

This malware is known as ‘ransomware’ encrypting files then demanding a fee (which can be thousands of £s) to remove the encryption.

The malware can be removed with tools like Combofix however removing the softwaredoes not unlock or remove the forced encryption.  This leaves the computers files locked and totally inaccessible.

The Cryptlocker malware can spread from one networked machine to another, including servers. This means it can have a very real and devastating effect on businesses.

CryptoLocker screenshot:



Contracting this malware is done by clicking on email attachments or download links.  SPAM filters do actively try and block this type of threat, but there is still a chance is may get through or could be accessed through another medium.

Please try and minimise risk;

  1. Don’t click on email attachments from companies or people that you don’t know or have specific relations with.
  2. Don’t click on pop up links, adverts or images whilst on the web.
  3. Don’t disable Antivirus, SPAM filters, Pop Up Blockers, Site Filtering or any security measures.
  4. Avoid unsolicited emails, do not respond to them.
  5. Avoid social media games, file sharing sites, video/music streaming sites and in particular links or patches that they may offer.

Protect yourself by;

  1. Ensure you have offline backups of all important data.  Try and ensure that at least one copy of data is not plugged into a networked, internet connected machine.
  2. Ensure that all AV, SPAM software is up to date and switched on – for assistance call us on 01274 772244.
  3. Ensure that Microsoft update security patches are up to date.


  1. Disconnect your machine from the network and internet
  2. Call KS Services immediately on 01274 772244

Please ensure you endeavor to protect your business machines and data by following sensible computer policy and usage.

Richard Binns
Technical Director
KS Services Ltd

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